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Is a grassroots community based organization created in 1970 as an after school “safe haven” for the high risk youth of Logan Heights and neighboring communities in San Diego.  Barrio Station is a nonprofit corporation and has 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization status.

Barrio Station provides, free-of-charge, adult-supervised, academic enrichment, recreation programs, counseling and community service activities to inner city youth who are vulnerable to negative peer pressure, educational failure, substance abuse, gang involvement, consequential physical and emotional trauma and detention in the juvenile justice system.

The programs and services offered at Barrio Station are effective alternatives for many kids who are faced with slim choices due to community high risk factors.  Barrio Station is a well respected community organization, always recognizing and meeting the needs and interests of the families and children living in the neighborhoods that are served. 
It also provides advocacy and leadership development support to improve the quality of life for the youth and their families.



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Barrio Station
2175 Newton Ave
San Diego, CA 92113-2282
Phone: (619) 238-0314