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Barrio Station acknowledges that young people are products of their environment and it approaches its mission holistically, leading community efforts to improve the homes, streets, schools within the target areas. It has given residents, young and old, a new sense of empowerment and civic responsibility to attain neighborhood justice.

Barrio Station advocates on behalf of residents that suffer from urban decay and the ghettoizing of communities of color. Agency staff identifies and engages community residents in leadership development activities that empower them to bring about physical and social changes within their communities.

  1. Nearly 450 new affordable family housing units and 11 affordable senior units were constructed in Barrio Logan.
  2. 1,800 beneficiaries are enjoying their beautiful dwellings.  The waiting lists are very long. 
  3. Barrio Station is continuing the crusade for additional affordable housing for The Barrio Logan Planning Area. 
  4. Barrio Station was also at the helm of making it possible for the eventual development of COMM/22 project in the Guadalupe Area of Logan Heights offering 170 affordable family housing and 70 affordable senior citizen housing.
  5. Led the struggle for a new community plan in the 1970’s which helped empower the Barrio Logan community to protect itself from downtown and industrial encroachment and further caused the removal of obnoxious businesses and dilapidated structures that plagued the community for too long.
  6. Brought in redevelopment designation for Barrio Logan as a tool to remove the very blight that breeds youth violence, domestic violence and low self regard.  Redevelopment further created 214 affordable family housing units and a commercial center that will soon provide the community with needed amenities, jobs and a super Mercado offering cultural specific products.
  7. Successfully achieved approval of special parking permits bringing relief for the residents and business that were negatively impacted by waterfront employee auto vehicles that left no or very little parking spaces for the community and further helped to successfully combat downtown and waterfront encroachment.
  8. Led the effort for the new construction of Perkins Elementary School bringing a quality learning environment for the students and beautification for the community.  This replaced old World War II Barracks that served as classrooms, removed a major junkyard adjacent to the school that resulted in a real play ground for the students.
  9. Advocated and led the effort to create the Mercado del Barrio commercial center that is resulting in 92 additional new affordable housing units for families and a limited number of single person units and a badly needed super Mercado to provide Hispanic foods and products
  10. Started up a much-needed pre-school for the Barrio Logan community and following 24 years of operation spun it off to another quality non profit community based organization
  11. Developed the 50,000 square foot facility known as the Barrio Youth Center which has become a focal point for of the community (1980).  The community utilizes this facility to address numerous community needs.
  12. Created the Barrio Senior Villas in response to community requests and created the Barrio Senior Villas Board of Directors to oversee the management and administration of the project
  13. Worked with Port of San Diego to create a soccer field, increased vehicle parking and increased waterfront picnic area at Cesar E. Chavez Bayfront Park for area youth
  14. Staff served on the committee to rename a local street to Cesar E. Chavez Parkway which is a major focal point of pride.  On two freeway signs facing North and South; Cesar E. Chavez Parkway and Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway exits are announced together.
  15. Implemented the initial neighborhood beautification summer projects that became institutionalized offering summer work opportunities to high risk youth to help them cease neighborhood graffiti and vandalism and instead become assets to the community
  16. Led the effort to clear the old city schools maintenance yard in the Guadalupe Area of Logan Heights which had become a haven for illegal encampments.  This effort prompted a mixed use development of affordable housing and commercial use bringing beautification to the area.


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