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There is a need for parents to know their children have a safe place in the community to be after school, and Barrio Station fulfills this need.  It is not unusual for parents of the community to work two or three jobs in their pursuit of financial stability, home ownership and a contented family life.  Many parents are at work when area schools and feeder schools dismiss for the afternoon.  There is a great deal of unsupervised time for their children to engage in non-productive or destructive behavior.  The parents are concerned about their children, and this is a period of high risk for introductory problem behavior or kids being preyed upon by older, experienced juvenile delinquents and area criminal elements.  A lot of the kids in our programs come from troubled backgrounds, and face problems such as poverty, racism, social alienation, drug abuse and domestic violence in the home and other urban child experiences that have brought them to Barrio Station.

Barrio Station also offers support for parents by acting as a liaison when children are stopped by the police, or an outreach counselor left a note on the door about their child.  Barrio Station serves as a communication link between the parents, agencies and their children.  On school days, the hours after school from 2 PM to 6 PM and 12:00 noon to 6 PM during school breaks, these are the most likely periods for both juvenile criminal activity and for juveniles to be victimized. We offer children recreation, after-school programs and family social services.   At Barrio Station, we know it is possible to transform these hours into periods of productivity and youth development that help bring relief to parents in knowing that their children are in good hands.



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